Tokenomics Audit & Design

Whether you are gearing up to launch a brand-new token or aiming to enhance the performance of an existing one, our expert team is here to guide you every step of the way.

Our comprehensive tokenomics audit and design services are crafted to assess, refine, and perfect the economic model of your token.

What is a Tokenomics Audit & Design?

Our Tokenomics Audit & Design service that focuses on analyzing and optimizing the economic model of a cryptocurrency or digital token within a blockchain project. This process is essential for both launching new tokens and enhancing existing ones. It involves a detailed examination of the token's structure, distribution, supply mechanisms, and utility, assessing how these elements interact within the broader ecosystem.

The goal is to identify and rectify any imbalances or inefficiencies, ensuring the token's long-term viability, attractiveness to users and investors, and alignment with the project's overall objectives. Through this service, projects can establish a robust and well-balanced token economy.

Why should I get a Tokenomics Audit & Design?


Optimized Token Strategy

A tokenomics audit and design process ensures that your token's economic model is well-structured, balanced, and optimized for long-term success. This includes fine-tuning aspects like distribution, supply, and utility to align with your project's goals and market dynamics.


Increased Attractiveness to Investors and Users

A robust and well-thought-out tokenomics model enhances the appeal of your token to both investors and users. It demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and growth, making your project more credible and trustworthy in the competitive blockchain market.


Risk Mitigation and Sustainable Growth

Investing in tokenomics audit and design helps identify and mitigate potential economic risks and imbalances within your token's ecosystem. This proactive approach fosters a stable and sustainable growth environment for your blockchain project, ensuring its viability and success in the long term.

In 2023, the total loss from crypto hacks amounted to approximately $2 billion across various cyberattacks and thefts.

Our Tokenomics Audit & Design Process

In-Depth Tokenomics Audit
Our team conducts a thorough audit of your token's existing economic model. This includes analyzing token distribution, supply dynamics, inflation/deflation mechanisms, utility, and overall market positioning to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.
Strategic Design and Optimization
Based on the audit findings, we design a tailored tokenomics strategy that aligns with your project's objectives. This involves optimizing the token model to enhance its functionality, value proposition, and market appeal, ensuring it supports sustainable growth and user engagement.
Implementation Roadmap and Support
We provide a detailed roadmap for implementing the optimized tokenomics model, along with ongoing support and guidance. This ensures a smooth transition and alignment with your project's development milestones and market strategy.
Monitoring and Continuous Improvement
Post-implementation, we offer monitoring services to track the performance of the revised tokenomics model. We provide insights and recommendations for continuous improvement, adapting to market changes and evolving project needs to maintain the token's relevance and success.

Why choose Sentnl

As blockchain technology advances and cryptocurrencies become increasingly prevalent, ensuring the security of your digital assets has never been more important. stands at the forefront of blockchain security, offering unparalleled expertise and solutions.


We know our stuff…

Sentnl boasts a team of auditors with profound expertise in blockchain and smart contract security. Over the past seven years, we have demonstrated our ability to successfully identify and address vulnerabilities, and our capability to navigate the complexities of security in the blockchain space offering peace of mind to our clients.


Transparency is key…

We’ll provide clear, concise reports that make audit findings easy to understand. Plus our open lines of communication ensure our clients have a full understanding of the process, findings, and recommendations every step of the way.


Powered by people…

We recognize the critical role of human intelligence in security audits. While we do leverage state-of-the-art automated tools, our audits are conducted line-by-line by experienced auditors with a breadth of knowledge and understanding that automated tools alone may (and do) sometimes miss.


We don’t hang around…

We understand the importance of time in the fast-paced blockchain industry. We’re known for our swift response times, ensuring that your audit is completed promptly, and in the event that vulnerabilities are discovered, we take a proactive approach to minimize potential project delays.


Quality Assured…

At Sentnl, we take immense pride in our unwavering commitment to delivering the highest quality security audits. Our proven track record in the industry speaks for itself. We’ve audited projects for top-tier clients in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector, including the EOS Network Foundation, Ultra, Dfinity, Offchain, Ethereum, Thorchain to name a few - we’ve also found some high profile vulnerabilities which you can read about in our blog.

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